Objectifs and Results


One of the main objectifs of this project was to participate at international scientific meetings (symposium, conferences) in order to connect my own research to international networks of researchers in the field of international relations and cultural history. I have tried to publish my papers in international peer review journals renowned in the fields I mentioned: Relations internationales, Etudes balkaniques and Anuarul Institutului de Istorie “A. D. Xenopol. Every one of my papers has been submitted for evaluation to a scientific committee. Moreover, the journal Etudes balkaniques invited me to participate at the last number of the review dedicated to cinema in the Balkans. I also attached great importance to those forms of publication which allow open access to the texts, trying to respect the EU’s recommendations offering visibility to the results of public funding. Thus, the two French journals which accepted my papers will soon be available for consultation on specific platforms like CAIRN and Revues.org, while Anuarul Institutului de Istorie “A. D. Xenopol on platforms like CEEOL. The book chapter that I published in 2013, in Romanian, in the collective volume Istoria recenta altfel: perspective culturale intends to contribute to the methodological approach to the historical studies on film.

International conferences:

18 March 2014, Porto: “Le rôle de la francophonie dans l’évolution des relations culturelles franco-roumaine” (The Role of Francophony in the Evolution of French-Romanian Cultural Relations), in Francophonie(S): La Fête, Les Faits, L’effet, Letters Department, University of Porto.

(for more information about this event click here)

27-28 Mai 2014, Paris: “Repères historiques dans l’évolution du film documentaire roumain des origines à nos jours” (Historic references in the Evolution of the Romanian Documentary from the origins until today”), in L’écriture documentaire de l’histoire : le communisme diffracté dans l’après-1989, National Institut of Art History, (INHA), Paris.

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17-18 September 2015, Strasbourg, “La Présence cinématographique française en Roumanie, 1945-1948” (French cinematographic presence in Romania : 1945-1948) in the international conference Affinités latines. La Culture comme élément des relations franco-roumaines (XVIIIe-XXIe siècles), organised by professor Jean-Noel Grandhomme from the University of Nancy in partnership with the Departament of Romanian Studies from Strasbourg, The Romanian Cultural Institut of Bruxelles and the Romanian Consulate in Strasbourg. (for more information about this event click here)

7-8 April 2016, Paris “Les coproductions cinématographiques franco-roumaines comme stratégie d’affirmation internationale de la Roumanie” in the international conference Les coproductions cinématographiques intra-européennes depuis 1945. (see the program of this event Programme_coprod_cine_avril_2016)

Panel in a conference:

15-19 June 2015, Bucharest: “La Roumanie et la France – rencontres culturelles au temps des confrontations Ouest- Est” (organized together with Professor Mirela Luminita Murgescu) as a part of the Conference Linking Past, Present and Future: The 25th Anniversary of Regime Change in Romania and Moldova (1989/1991) of Society for Romanian Studies.


Ileana Mihaila, “L’étude du français à l’Université de Bucarest à l’époque communiste

Georgiana Medrea Estienne, “La Bibliothèque Française à Bucarest dans les années 1970, astucieuse reprise d’une politique culturelle renouvelée”

Aurelia Vasile : “Les coproductions cinématographiques : une nouvelle forme de collaboration politique et culturelle entre la France et la Roumanie pendant la guerre froide”. (For more information about this event, clik here)

13-15 September 2017, Padova: “Le relazioni cinematografiche Est-Ovest (1945-1975): rapporti istituzionali e interessi commerciali attraverso la cortina di celluloide”. Coordinatore/i: Stefano Pisu (Università di Cagliari). (For more information about this event, clik here)


Stefano Cambi, “Prove di distensione: Hollywood e la strada verso il Film Exchange. Agreement sovietico-americano (1945-1958)”

Caroline Moine, “German Film Festivals at the Heart of the Cold War”

Aurelia Vasile, “Les relations cinématographiques de la Roumanie avec la France et l’Italie à la fin des années 1950: le sens d’un rapprochement”

Ekaterina Mityurova, “Commercialising Ideology: Commercial and Non-Commercial Distribution of Soviet Films in France in the 1960s”

Stefano Pisu, “Le coproduzioni cinematografiche italo-sovietiche dagli anni Cinquanta agli anni Settanta: aspetti politico-istituzionali, commerciali e culturali”

Papers in books :

“Filmul romanesc in anii comunismului: surse metode problematizari” (The Romanian film during communism: sources, methods, problematics”), in Andi Mihalache, Adrian Cioflanca (coordonatori), Istoria recenta altfel: perspective culturale, Iasi, Editura Universitatii Alexandru Ioan Cuza, 2013.

“Les coproductions cinématographiques franco-roumaines comme stratégie d’affirmation internationale de la Roumanie (1956-1963)”, in Paola Palma; Valérie Pozner. Mariages à l’européenne. Les coproductions cinématographiques intra-européennes depuis 1945Association Française de Recherche sur l’Histoire du Cinéma, 2019

Papers in international peer review journals

“L’action cinématographique française en Roumanie de 1945 à la guerre froide”, Relations internationales, edited by Presses Universitaires de France (ISSN: 0335-2013).

“Réseaux et stratégies pour la diffusion cinématographique roumaine en France de 1947 à 1955”, în Anuarul Institutului de istorie A.D.Xenopol, (ISSN 1221-3705).

“L’incitation à la vigilance et à la dénonciation. Mise en œuvre des directives centrales dans l’organisation du festival du film soviétique en 1950 (I)”. Arhivele Totalitarismului, 2017, XXV (94-95)

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