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IMG_4020bProject title: “The role of cinema in the relationships between France and Romania during the Cold War”

Summary: The project aims to explore the cultural dimension of international relations in the Cold War by studying the cinema industry in France and Romania. Unlike the previous analyses which has been almost exclusively focused on the two states who polarized the world, URSS and USA, our study propose a geographical transfer that could enrich the perspective over the Cold War and emphasize the complexity and the plurality of international relationships. In order to understand the place of culture in the balance of conflict and co-operation between the two worlds, this project will explore three major topics. First, we’ll show the aims, the means and the strategy of cultural diplomacy of two countries. This aspect requires a thoroughly analysis of the national cultural policies and the local bureaucracy. Second, we try to shed light on the role of the unofficial actors in guiding the cultural strategies of its own political camp, but also its impact on the activities of the opponents. Third, the project will focus on the nature of the cultural transfers (values, ideas, esthetics) and on the possible artistic or political influence on films. The project presents an interdisciplinary logic by using concepts from cultural studies, visual art, cinema, sociology, history and international relations and has, therefore, the potential to contribute to the cultural dimensions of Cold War history.

Project code: PN-II-RU-PD-2012-3-0184

Contract number: 78/30.04.2013

Program: Postdoctoral Research

Term: 30 month, starting May 2013

Members: Aurelia Vasile: project manager. Andi Emanuel Mihalache: mentor

The project it is funded by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI) and it is implemented at the A.D. Xenopol Institut (Romanian Academy – Iasi Branch).

Budget: Total budget: 232 809 lei

Year Budget (lei)
2013 75 401,70
2014 91 966,00
2015 65 441,30

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