The 4th European Congress on World and Global History: “Encounters, Circulations and Conflicts”

global historyUnder the theme “Encounters, Circulations and Conflicts” the next ENIUGH congress seeks to:
– challenge the problematic opposition of centres and peripheries, which is still influential in historical research,
– analyse the multitude of places and centres from where history is written and the plurality of the languages in which historical artefacts are conveyed,
– stimulate a discussion on the meaning and relevance of relations, comparisons, transfers, and entanglements between states, peoples, communities, and individuals in a ‘long durée’ perspective
– address the destructive effects of international and global connectivity, given the centenary of the beginning of the First World War,
– and to integrate the historical interactions between man and environment, including cultural and economic processes as well as the various aspects of material and social life.

Generally, our intention is to transcend the confines of national history writing. While the majority of the contributions deals with particular historical subjects, some concentrate on questions of theory and methodology. In addition to the panels in the thematic sessions, roundtables and special events offer room for joint discussions.

Download a PDF version of the complete conference programme here.

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